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what is the convergence?

The Convergence is a gathering for University students and young adults that was launched in 2018. We meet once a month for a service, and this year have included a second monthly gathering called Convergent Conversations which is a live conversation on a given topic with lots of time for Q&A. The Convergence and Convergent Conversations both take place in Calgary at Brentview Baptist Church, but we also have people who join us live via Zoom from both Calgary and from other cities/provinces.


Our hope is that at The Convergence you will find meaningful friendships, be challenged and encouraged in your faith journey, and ultimately that you will connect with God. Our services sometimes look Evangelical, sometimes Charismatic, and sometimes Liturgical. Often they look like all three. The reason for this is because we believe that there is beauty coming to us from our various Christian traditions and we therefore love exploring how they work together. We hope that both your head and heart will be engaged at these gatherings and that you'll be provoked to dig deeper into Jesus and his Kingdom.

a year around the teachings and life of Jesus

We're spending all of this 2021/2022 year exploring The Life and Teachings of Jesus. We encourage you to connect with us on Instagram where we provide regular information and engagement.


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