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What Is The Convergence?

The Convergence is a monthly gathering of students from across our three campuses (we converge). Led by the UCM team, and powered by student participation, the convergence gathering is a time to worship, and learn through teaching off campus! The talks are intended to engage both the mind and the heart. Our faith is worthy of serious intellectual engagement, while at the same time intended to be an experience of God of each other! This is how we are changed!

Our hope is that at The Convergence you will find meaningful friendships, be challenged and encouraged in your faith journey, and ultimately that you will connect with God. Our services sometimes look Evangelical, sometimes Charismatic, and sometimes Liturgical. Often they look like all three. The reason for this is because we believe that there is beauty coming to us from our various Christian traditions and we therefore love exploring how they work together. We hope that both your head and heart will be engaged at these gatherings and that you'll be provoked to dig deeper into Jesus and his Kingdom.

Convergent Conversations is our responsive follow-up to the Convergence gathering. In it, we seek to go deeper into the topic by asking follow-up questions and sharing further reflections! Held as a live conversation, and facilitated by a staff person or a student lead, we invite you to bring your questions and thoughts as we discuss the topic together!

Theme: Ask a Better Question

Convergence Dates

7:00 PM

Brentview Baptist Church

3512 Charleswood Drive NW

Calgary, Alberta T2L 2C3

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January: How Can I Do Hard Times?
Jan 11: Convergence
Jan 25: Convergent Conversations
February: What is Friendship?
Feb 8: Convergence
Feb 29: Convergent Conversations
March: What Is Wrong With the World?
Mar 14: Convergence
Mar 28: Convergent Conversations
April: What Is Right With the World?
Apr 11: Convergence
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The Convergence Podcast

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